Crockery Hire


Deck Out Your Big Event with Crockery Hire in Wellington 

Making sure you make big impressions at your event is all about the finer details, like the crockery you use to serve your guests. At Wellington Event Hire, we have those finer service dishes you need to ensure every guest at your wedding or event knows you have gone the extra mile. We offer everything from plate hire to cup hire, and everything in between for your wedding, corporate soiree, or another spectacular gathering.

Why Choose Wellington Event Hire for Your Crockery Hire

When you are intent on ensuring your guests are served in style, you have to pick a hire company that has only the best modern crockery available. Our crockery pieces are fashionable and of the best quality, with fine attributes you would expect to find in the best restaurants around the world. Plus, you can pick and choose which pieces you need for your event. For example, if you only need bowl hire, we can provide just those pieces. We offer a full line of crockery, including:

  • Cups and saucers

  • Dinner plates and salad plates

  • Soup bowls or dessert bowls

Cutlery hire
Plate Hire
Bluestone plates.

Areas Serviced By Wellington Event Hire

Our typical service area is Wellington, but we can also provide crockery hire for places like Wairarapa, Martinborough, Kapiti, Otaki, and Grey Town. If you need crockery hire for your event, reach out to Wellington Event Hire for more information about how we can help.