Frequently asked questions


Who are we

Wellington Event Hire is the trading name of AJH Investments Limited. While we are a seperate company, we are related to NOSH Catering + Events

How long is the hire period?

The hire equipment is made available to the customer for a maximum period of 24 hours. The commencement of the hire period starts when the hire equipment is delivered, or when it is collected by the customer from our premises. 

Do you deliver?

Yes, we are happy to deliver the hire equipment, or you can collect it yourself. Our delivery charges depend on the location and the amount of equipment we are delivering. If you are hiring tables and chairs, we will need at least two people, so the costs will be more. 

What happens if I damage the hire equipment?

We ask our clients to take good care of the equipment once it is in their possession. However, we understand that accidents fo happen. Our terms and conditions stipulate that in the event of any damage or loss, the customer will be charged either the replacement cost (including shipping if applicable) or a minimum charge as detailed below.  

Glassware - $5 per item, plus GST
Dinner plates, side plates, bowls etc - $15 per item, plus GST
Platters - $20 per item, plus GST
Tables - $1,500 per item, plus GST
Chairs - $200 per item, plus GST

What are your payment terms?

Once you have accepted our quote, a 50% deposit will be required to be paid within 5 days to confirm the booking. The deposit is non-refundable, unless otherwise agreed at the absolute discretion of Wellington Event Hire.

We will invoice you for the remaining charges soon after your event has finished and we have collected the hire equipment. Any additional charges for breakages will be added to your invoice. You invoice must then be paid within 7 days of the date of that invoice.

Do you have a minimum order amount

Yes. Our minimum our is $500. We also hire our cutlery and crockery in minimum numbers based on their packaging requirements. For example, wine glasses are hired per rack of 20 glasses.